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About WW Game Birds

In 1995, with the population of wild quail almost non-existent, we purchased 300 birds to hunt and train dogs. Due to family and friends desire to hunt, we also decided to raise a few, then one thing lead to another...

Family owned and operated, WW Game Birds was established in 1998.

The WW Difference

Having a genuine love for bird hunting, we know the quality of a good flight bird. We raise hard-flushing, fast-flying northern bobwhites. After changing stock a couple of times, we believe we have achieved the highest standard of quail.

Farm Raised

At our farm, the key ingredients to raising quality quail are isolation along with genetics. The chicks are started in brooder rooms with nipple drinkers. All feeding is conducted from outside feeders. At 5 weeks old, they are moved to grow out and flight pens until they are sold. All flight pens are isolated 100’ x 30’ runs to maximize flight performance.

Our Facilities

We work especially hard to maintain clean, disease-free facilities so you can be assured you are purchasing a healthy, top quality, flight-conditioned bird.

Our Goal

Our goal as a producer is to market a flight bird second-to-none, provide excellent customer service and promote the game bird industry.

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